Rajiv Bhatia

Mr. Rajiv Bhatia is the Founder & Managing Partner @ Indus and has spent the bulk of his middle career in Australia. He has held senior line roles with Lend Lease, was Asia Pac Vice President with AC Nielsen.consult and a Partner with Australian Consulting Partners. Whilst in Australia, he has operated a mixed asset class property portfolio of over half a million sq meters and also acquired deep consulting experience and served clients across the Asia Pacific in strategy, e commerce , supply chain optimization, asset management and supply-demand economics across the retail, infrastructure, utilities, real estate, energy, financial services and telecommunications domains.

After a career spanning 16 years in Australia and the Asia Pacific, he returned to India in 2005 and in his previous roles led Inorbit Malls, a K Raheja Corp group company as Chief Executive Officer and then the K Raheja group as Chief Strategy Officer. As CEO of Inorbit, he drove the development, leasing & operations of several million sq ft of retail real estate. He is a recognized thought leader in the strategy and real estate arena with a particular focus on green development, shareholder value and corporate alignment. He was also the Chief Operating Officer – Retail & Real Estate @ Grauer & Weil (India) Limited, a listed diversified company headquartered in Mumbai & operating globally. He currently serves on the global board of Milnaa Inc, a social networking enterprise.

As a result of his versatile experience, he has the distinction of belonging to a small group of top executives in India, who have both led a large organization as CEO and served clients at a Partner level in an international consulting capacity.

An avid reader and book collector, a military buff and a keen student of military strategy & geo politics for over three decades, Rajiv has taken particular interest in the military/strategic implications of the shifting balance of economic power and has occasionally written on the subject.

He is an engineer and holds an MBA from the Monash Mt. Eliza GSB in Melbourne, Australia.